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Best Tips - Preparing for Move Day

By Mary Holmes

So you have made the decision to move – now what? There is so much to accomplish before move day, but as long as you follow some guidelines and have a solid plan – your move day will come and go with minimal stress. Here are some tips to help you make sure your move day doesn’t end up taking a wrong turn.

Professionals or Not – As you think (realistically) about preparing for and accomplishing your move, the first decision you need to make is whether or not this will be a “do it yourself” process or you will hire professionals for some or all of it. If you feel you have the time to organize and pack and the physical capability to actually move your belongings, then you may want to do it yourself. But if you are feeling overwhelmed about the process, are unsure how much help you will receive from family and friends, and don’t feel physically up for the challenge, you may want to consider hiring either a Professional Move Manager or a moving company or both. Read our Blog about how Professional Move Management can be an invaluable service during your move: Professional Move Management - Benefits.

Set A Schedule – It is crucial that you think through all the tasks that need to be accomplished prior to move day and set a schedule of when and how these tasks will get done. If you don’t do this, you will tend to leave everything until the last minute – which will cause additional stress and chaos. Really spend the time to think through how you want your move to flow and personalize your “to do” list. You will be glad you spend this up front time.

Inventory of Possessions – This may sound like a waste of time, but in actuality it serves a few purposes and will help you in the long run. By doing a walk-through of your house to determine everything that needs to be packed and moved it will help you: 1. determine how many boxes you need; 2. how to organize similar items for easier unpacking; 3. ensure all items end up at your new home; and 4. get accurate estimates from movers if you choose to use one.

Downsizing – Moving is the perfect time to peer down items you no longer use. By doing this you will save yourself time and effort packing them up, save money on a professional packer and/or moving company if you choose to use one, and streamline settling into your new home since you won’t have to find places for items you don’t really need.

Start Packing – One thing is for sure, packing is not a one person job. It is a time consuming process, which will require many hands or a professional to ensure it gets done on time and that your items are protected during your move. You should start by ensuring you have all the supplies you will need on hand so packing goes smoothly. The earlier you can start the process, the better. You can start by packing items you won’t miss between now and your move date. Next you should tackle items that are harder to pack and therefore, more time consuming, e.g. lamps, art, other large fragile items. If you would like to learn more about keeping your items safe, read our Blog on this subject: Packing Tips.

Who Can Help You on Move Day – You have probably all seen sitcoms about how friends and family seem to all have plans on your move day (even if they don’t know exactly what day that will be)! If you don’t hire a professional – you will not only need to rent a truck, but you will also need to find several people to help you. In addition to needing assistance lifting heavier items, your move will go much more quickly and smoother with many hands.

Move Day Arrives – Now that move day has arrived, what should your day look

like. First, get up early - move day is always a long day, so the earlier you get up, the better. Next, do a walk through to ensure everything is packed (look in your kitchen drawers, etc.) and all boxes are taped up. If you have hired a moving company, do a tour when they arrive to show them what is moving – then let them do their job. You may want to think about having some snacks and drinks on hand to offer the movers – this will keep them energized and happy. Before leaving, ensure the movers have the address and directions to your new home. If you have chosen to use a Professional Move Manager – they will do most of this for you.

Integrated Move Management strives to simplify the overwhelming process of downsizing, packing and moving. If you want to learn more, please Contact Us.

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