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Professional Move Management - What Is It?

By Mary Holmes

Integrated Move Management (IMM) is proud to be a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), the professional organization that guides the industry of Senior Move Managers. This group was formed in the early 2000’s when it became clear that seniors quite often needed help when they are transition from their large and often well lived in family home to a smaller retirement community or condo. NASMM ensures that their members are properly insured and bonded, have taken and passed training classes, and that they abide by a code of ethics.

As Senior Move Management is still a relatively new industry, one of our goals at IMM is to continue to educate our community in and around southern Maine what services we provide. We network and present every time we have the opportunity. In particular, we find that it is important that realtors, estate attorneys, retirement communities, and others that provide services to seniors, e.g. advocates, home care, etc. are familiar with what we do to assist with reducing the stress level of seniors in transition.

It is important to also note that although this industry started to assist seniors, IMM loves to help a variety of clients with all different types of projects related to moving. Moving doesn’t just stress out older people – it can be difficult for almost anyone. It is time consuming, there is so much to remember, and it can be emotionally and physically draining – no matter your age.

Here are a few useful links that explain Move Management in more detail and what services are offered:

AARP is behind our industry: AARP

NASMM’s Frequently Asked Questions is a great resource to better understand the industry: NASMM

USA Today published an informative article: USA Today

Click here to learn more about IMM services: IMM

If you would like to learn more, feel free to Contact us.

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