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Great Support for Seniors in Portland, Maine

By Mary Holmes

As we approach the holidays, I am grateful to think of all the great organizations in the Portland, ME area that support seniors and their families in a variety of ways. Since I started Integrated Move Management, I have met so many amazing people who truly care about seniors and work with them in a variety of ways to reduce the many stressors that seniors face. Here is a partial list of resources that seniors and their families may find helpful:

ElderHand, LLC (Lisa Orso) – Lisa is a Certified Senior Advisor, working with seniors who need assistance with their daily financial management. Lisa is extremely passionate about her clients and works hard to ensure their financial needs are met. In Lisa’s own words (from her Website): “If you, a loved one, or a client need assistance managing day-to-day finances, please call ElderHand. We provide compassionate, trusted help to older adults, and peace of mind to those who care about them.”

McRae & Associates (Teri McRae) – Teri is a National Certified Guardian. She has an enormous amount of passion for her clients and a warm and welcoming nature. An excerpt from her Website best describes the services she provides: “Teri has worked with clients in many capacities, some of which include Power of Attorney, trustee, guardian, and/or conservator, and her expertise in probate proceedings and estate and trust management has made her Maine’s go-to guardianship and fiduciary professional.”

Senior Planning Advisors (Becky Ness) – Becky is an expert at guiding thru a myriad of issues that seniors face as they age. She does this with a tremendous amount of compassion, ensuring her clients know she has their best interest at heart. From Becky’s Website: “Senior Planning Advisors provides the information, resources, and referrals to appropriate service providers necessary to maintain the best possible quality of life. Aging is a journey with evolving and changing stages of health, social, and financial well-being. We work to understand your concerns, needs, and preferences to develop and implement an individualized plan to age with choice, sustain as much independence as possible, and maintain a fulfilling lifestyle.”

Non-Medical Homecare – Sometimes seniors would prefer to stay in their home, but they need some assistance with daily tasks (such as cooking, bathing, errands, etc.). Non-medical homecare is also valuable if a senior has downsized to an Independent Living Retirement Community, since these communities do not provide these types of services. There are many great organizations that provide these services in the Portland area. Here are three of my favorites (clink on the name to go to each website): Homecare Assistance in Falmouth, ME (Sue Arsenault); Home Instead in Gorham, ME (Renate Scholz); and Advantage Home Care in Portland, ME (Rich Blumenthal).

Drummond & Drummond (Misha Pride) – Misha is an estate and elder law attorney. His focus is on helping seniors and their families navigate the complexities of estate planning to ensure that the seniors’ wishes are accurately reflected in their estate documents. You can be assured that if you work with Misha, the stress of cross signals and family angst will be greatly reduced. Here is a brief list of the services Misha offers from his Website: “Misha assists clients with all facets of elder care, including matters like powers of attorney, advanced health care directives and living wills, as well as estate planning matters including wills, gifts, trusts and transfer of wealth.”

If you have questions, please Contact Me.

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