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Four Highlights of a Rewarding Career

By Mary Holmes

When I started Integrated Move Management, I knew I would enjoy helping clients during a stressful time in their lives. Moving is ranked among the highest situational stressors. This type of transition typically is even more stressful and emotional for seniors moving from their long time family home. There have been many great and rewarding moments working with our clients. Here are just a few of my top memories:

Finding a Needle in a Haystack – It is quite common that a client will ask us to keep an eye out for a certain meaningful or valuable item that they are pretty sure is in the house somewhere. We typically successfully locate these items and set them aside for the client. It is even better, however, when we find these types of items our client didn’t even know were in the house. For example, while doing a home clean out for a client in Cumberland, ME (the client had moved from her family home into a retirement community in Portland, ME), we found a large amount of cash spread throughout the house, as well as quite a bit of very valuable jewelry. These items were the client’s mothers and she was very pleased to have them returned to her.

A Push in the Right Direction – The process of downsizing and moving can be quite overwhelming for most people. Clients typically don’t know where to begin and they are paralyzed from moving forward. We worked with a senior couple in Cumberland, ME who were moving to a retirement community in Westbrook, ME. When I first met with them, they said they would need help with every aspect of their move. As I started the project, I worked with them on a system to sort through their items to make it a doable project. Each time I went back to their home from that point on, they had done a tremendous amount of work on their own. All they really needed was some direction and education – which we are always happy to provide.

Doing What it Takes – It is our companies philosophy to do whatever it takes to make our clients’ transition less stressful. This sometimes means we assist with tasks that are not typically related to Professional Move Management. For example, we worked with a senior in Brunswick, ME that no longer drove. On a couple of occasions, we ran out and did an errand or two for him. He was very grateful and we were happy to help.

It’s a Fire Drill – We have worked with all types of clients on all types of projects. One scenario we thrive at is “the fire drill”. What this refers to is a client who has a pending deadline on a move or home clean out that is very soon. We have received calls from far and wide (York, Me and Bangor, ME to name two) when we had less than two weeks to completely clean out a home. We enjoy working hard to ensure the house is broom swept in time for our clients’ deadline.

At Integrated Move Management, we love doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Please Contact Us if you would like to learn more.

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